She knows the Truth

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After a long busy day, I finally found some energy to sketch this drawing, later on I was wondering how will it look if I painted only the face..

I was scared to add more colours😆 so I stopped and enjoyed the result😊

Tell me what you think In a comment below 🎨

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6 thoughts on “She knows the Truth

  1. Many thanks for your comment, I understood that you like it this way right? Your last sentence” You left space for me to fill it in” was the best words that gathered in one line and that drew a smile on my face😊. If this drawing was on your desk, and you hold a brush, how would you fill the space in it?😇🎨
    Thanks again for your comment and happy new year🎉


    1. I’m not a painter, but if it was on my desk I’d leave it as it is, with all its openness. I like it that way. My imagination can take it in different directions, without changing it. I can imagine her blowing away–almost dissoving. I can also imagine her taking on more color, as if she’d started out invisible and was appearing right in front of my eyes and I was seeing her right in the middle of the change.

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