An other watercolor painting

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Good morning all, I want to share with you the progress of a watercolor painting, that I started yesterday..I hope you enjoy the process ✨

Here is the first layer :

Watercolor painting by Nassima/1st layer

In the second layer I have added eyebrows and emphasized on the eyes color and shape..

Watercolor painting by Nassima/2nd layer

This is how it looks after adding the hair😏 Honestly, I’m not satisfied by the final look.. Something is missing😣

Watercolor painting by Nassima/ Final result

But at least I did paint something today! I’m trying my best to paint as much as I can🎨 this is one of my resolutions for the new year😊

Your opinions matter for me,I’ll be happy to know what you think about it..

Have a wonderful day 🌞

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