Light my Night!

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Steel wool lightpainting / by Nassima

It’s midnight over here and guess what? I just had some chocolate and peanapple juice😰😅🍫🍹😶 Now I feel guilty! 😭

In order to burn some calories, I thought I have to add a post on my blog, so here we go! 😅

I have lightpainted the above picture in the summer time, it was a moonless night.. just the stars.. it was a perfect time for some lightpainting✨✨

I like steel wool because it’s so much fun, although I always get the tips of my fingers burnt lol


If you choose to try this method of photography, the safety of the area is your responsibility. Just like fireworks, there is risk involved with setting steel wool on fire. An other thing: Never, Never, Never try this at home

I set my camera, run to the spot where I should stand facing the camera,and right before it started shooting, I set my steel wool on fire and begun to spin it in a circular movement.

Had to try it few times before I got this shot ✨

Would like to know your ideas about this post.

☀✨Keep Shinning ✨☀


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