My First Bas-relief Painting


I have been always dreaming of making pottery or sculpter! And since I had some plaster, I wanted to try it on the canvas to make some texture! And I was surprised that it acctually worked!

The only thing that bothered me was that I used it on a paper based spport, in other words, “moving” support, that means if you press your finger on the canva, the plaster will crack, so next time I’ll be doing this, must be on a hard support ( may be wood or plaster on plaster work😶)

And since I loooove leopards, I dressed her a leopard shirt, just like mine lol 🐯🐆🐾

The face and the hair are the ones I did with plaster, the rest is oil painting 🎨

Tell me what do think of this work!

🎨 Make Art From Your Heart🎨

5 thoughts on “My First Bas-relief Painting

  1. 🐆 beautiful explanation and painting is like a divine art… creative and more than beautiful, Have a coffee please O dear☕ and some sweet sweet♥️🍫keep blogging and keep up great work dear, Have a fabulous evening👌🍰

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