Crying Souls

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Who, among us, didn’t suffer in his life? it doesn’t matter how much as it matters how many times have you suffered? But in each difficult moment, there’s this light, this hint of hope, that keeps you somehow “Alive”..and that is the most important thing that should never die..

This is a simple pencil drawing that I made, and although it is so sad, but there’s always Light.. there’s always Hope..

Do you believe that you gain the ability to heal your wonds, from the same Arrow that injured you?..I do!😉

🌷Art from the Heart🌷

12 thoughts on “Crying Souls

  1. Your message really moved me ;;. And your art definitely represent everything you wrote! You made an amazing job <3. I was wondering, how did you made the effect around the characters? Is is only with a pencil? It must have took so muuuch time!

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    1. I am delighted that you got my message 😊 when it comes to emotions, I really can’t use the right words to express myself. Drawing, painting is much “fluent” for me 🌷 you made my day with your lovely words💖Bonne journée à vous⭐

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      1. I feel you so much dear! Expressing a specific message with words is quite hard ;;”. I am not gifted when it comes to writing pretty text and stuff so I can totally understand what you mean :).
        Aww, I am so happy if I made you happy with my little comment ;;

        And merci beaucoup ❤ A vous aussi ❤

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    2. I have just seen the whole comment lol, indeed, yesterday, I was searching for any funny app on Google app center thing, and came across this amazing drawing app, so I tried this pencil effect around my drawing, I was surprised that it looks neat but I felt as if I’m cheating lol, you can find my origin drawing in my portfolio if you go to my website😅I wanted to hide my fingers so I cheated and I promise it will be the last time haha as I’m not into photoshopping or massive editorial apps when it comes to my work 😅😅😅
      And the app name is : sketchBox you should try it it’s cool

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      1. Oh no, no I do not feel like it is cheating at all :D. You are being honest about it and that is the most important (for me at least lol). I think app are there to be used and it is like putting a filter to brighten the colors of your drawing so I do not see any problem about it c;.
        Thank you for the app name ❤ I will go check it asap!

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  2. As much as those arrows hurt, the much power and faith gave us to survive, and that is the winning prize! To find light and strength even in our weak and dark moments💝


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