When Words Meet Colours

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“He blew colours into her black and white world”

By Asfa Writes

I couldn’t find better words, that go with this painting, other than this beautiful saying by Asfa✒😇

For those who don’t know her, she is a very talented person, that, from simple words, she takes you to an other world⭐💌💕..Sometimes, the beauty of something, comes in its simplicity. . check her blog, you won’t regret it😇

🌷Art from the Heart🌷

22 thoughts on “When Words Meet Colours

  1. An amazing picture. Beautiful and moving…I couldn’t have found the fitting words for this. It must be a true gift to able to express oneself through such art.
    All the best
    P. S.: Thanks for following!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh Nadine💕 I’m thrilled, glad you liked my painting, yes I did drew this and regret that I didn’t draw it on a white blank paper not this one with lines😢!
    Don’t thank me for the “like” of your posts, your writing is amazing and I enjoyed reading it, thus, if you would like accepting me as a “follower” of your blog, ✒❤ have a wonderful day!


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