Life Tornadoes

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Lightpainting by Nassima Light

37 years and two days old 😅 we don’t realise that our life days run fast until we blow the candles on our birthday cake..and while your beloved one is singing happy birthday for think wow I’m getting old quickly lol..

I was thinking again and again about my number one dream..and when will it come true? Will it ever come true? Will my paintings see the light? Will my photography reach the world..will I participate in Art exhibitions? I still don’t have answers to these questions, but for sure, I do have the Love and Hope to do what I always loved doing: painting, drawing, lightpainting and all that is related to creativity🎨📷✒⭐

I have been looking for a way to publish my Art and ideas but on apparel, and I found it😊 finally after a struggle..but sometimes things we planned for, arrive after a long waiting..but when this will be amazed at Allah’s plan! (God’s plan) because, simply, His plan is much more better than ours!😊

Check my Online Store:

Artoxygen Online Store!

I wanted, with a Lot of Love, to share this first step with you 😇, because you mean a lot to me and you have supported me since my first day I walkded in WordPress💫 feel free to visit it and if you like an item, go ahead and get it!

I will be waiting for your feedback and support as always❤🎨📷⭐

🌷Art from the Heart🌷

16 thoughts on “Life Tornadoes

    1. Merci ma belle 💕😊 it was on 27th January but didn’t want to celebrate it because it will be like a big bold annoying reminder on how old I become haha!
      Feel free to check my store I will be adding new items this is just the start 💖⭐📷🎨🌷😘 bonne journée à toi LovelyChubby⭐

      Liked by 1 person

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