Let the Light Shine the Night📷🎨⭐

Art, Camera, Lightpainting, PaintingDrawing, Photography

Here’s an other lightpainting I did, it wasn’t easy to do it in 30 seconds though as I had to use two different lights and have to jump here and there to paint before the camera shutter stops 😅😋😰

I finally got this result after few tries so I think it’s ok!

Tell me what do you think of this lightpainting and if you have an idea in your mind that I might try lightpainting it📷🎨🌷💫

🌷📷💡🔦The Night is my canvas,the Light is my Paint🔦💡📷🌷

26 thoughts on “Let the Light Shine the Night📷🎨⭐

    1. Salam Alaykum Aquib, really happy you like my work! What does it mean Anghuta chaap please ? I guess you mean you can’t resist beautiful art and drawings right?😅 I will be adding new Lightpainting soon In Sha Allah📷🎨⭐

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      1. WalaikumAsSalam. Oh that in inverted commas, i used it to sound more humourous. Generally that Hindi phrase is used when someone can’t sign there name in a particular language, in short lacking that skills, oh my God it has numerous meanings while implying things , oh also means for an illiterate person. 😋😋.
        Nevermind my nuances sometimes I sound silly😁.
        Peace and blessings unto you have a great day.

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      2. You’re welcome brother 😊 Do you understand Arabic? I think you are Muslim right? So you may know some Arabic, I will be glad to help you in Arabic Language if you need any help don’t hesitate, Fi aman Allah

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      3. Yeah MashaAllah I am a Muslim.
        I understand Arabic meagrely. Yeah, I have decided to sign up on some online tutoring website, most probably. Yeah i will try to use it more often, sure i will seek your help if I need to.
        Allah Hafiz.


    1. Thank you so much for your feedback Nadine, I can’t say how much it makes me happy to read your comments❤ I did describe the process in my Portfolio page and in one of my previous posts (can’t remember which one though😅) will look for the post and get back to you Nadine, again many thanks for your support🌷

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  1. Alhamdulilah, it is the greatest gift ever in my life being a Muslim Alhamdulilah,I am always happy even in ddifficult moment and that is a secret of Islam😊Allah Hafiz, and may Allah make it easy for you to learn Arabic, knowledge is very good and important for us as Muslims😊


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