Spontaneously 📷🔦✨

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An other Lightpainting

Sometimes, you get unexpected results from tools you didn’t hope they can offer much!

I have done this lightpainting in almost 20seconds in a 99% dark room, there was still some light coming from under the door, you can still see the “Angry bird eyes” in the background ( which, by the way, I drew on the wall sometime ago😂)

🎈Unwanted Reds🎈

I have used for this lightpainting scene, a Light Sword, that has an On /Off button in red color but I tried my best to hide it, so there will be only blue color on the photo, but as you can see, it didn’t completely disappear, there was still a yellowish or orange-ish color there!

I would like to know what you think of this Lightpainting

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9 thoughts on “Spontaneously 📷🔦✨

  1. Oh my… this is so sO COOL! I love the effect & wow… ** I also really enjoy how you explain how you make your pieces ❤ (I wonder if my sentence makes sense tho… ;;" But the way you describe how you made it is really enjoyable 😀 )

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    1. Oh lovelychubby thanks a Lot my sweetie for your comment and Yes, it makes sense😁💖 really happy that you like it😊 when I try to explain the process, I feel like I’m not using the right words and think that my explanation will not make sense 😂 lol so thank you my dear I’m relieved now ❤❤❤

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