❄For Polar Bears❄

#watercolors, polar bear

I have started this Polar Bear drawing few days ago, and I was kind of bored and didn’t want to finish it then, ( you know, that moment when you don’t want to do anything 😅..just relaxing and being lazy😂)

So, now I had enough of laziness and got bored again😂, so, this morning, I felt like I want to draw something, and I remembered I had a Polar Bear waiting for me to finish painting some love leaves arround it🍀🐾🎨

I wanted to raise awareness, about the crisis of Polar Bears,through my humble water color art, they are now dying and suffering due to global warming😢

How can we help Polar Bears?
We can all contribute to reducing climate change, and therefore help polar bears and other endangered species. The most common cause of climate change is the emission of polluting gases from burning fossil fuels, such as coal and oil. Fossil fuels are burned when we use electricity or drive our cars, among other things.

Here are just a few important things we can do to help reduce global warming:

  1. Use our cars less frequently (walking or using a bicycle 🚲 or even public transport 🚈🚍🚃 is whenever possible)
  2. Use energy efficient light bulbs (these are available in most household stores — encourage your friends and family to use them!)
  3. Recycle more and avoid products that have lots of packaging🎁.
  4. Turn off electric devices when you’re not using them😊.

I hope you like my artwork and can help, in your way, to reduce global warming and save many endangered species😊🐾😻🎨📷❄

🌷Art from the Heart🌷

6 thoughts on “❄For Polar Bears❄

  1. Hi Jennifer I miss you 😊 hope you having a great time with your parents my dear, thanks a lot for this precious comment, I’m flattered, I think I will try to add it to one of clothing items, sounds a great idea😀 have a wonderful blissful day💫❤🍀


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