“Boats” Oil on Canvas Painting

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Oil on canvas Painting by Nassima

I was too young when I first realized that I’m not like other kids, I could draw EXACTLY the same cartoon hunged behind my teacher in the classroom, while my friend sitting next me was struggling to draw a circle! After I grew up I was still using pencil and just pencil to draw! I don’t know why I was afraid of using colors and other techniques to do what I love most! same for Oil based colors! These were my biggest fear!

You may think that someone talented that can draw, had never felt weak in front of his painting tools! Well, guess what?! I did feel weak ! I even didn’t have the courage to try it! May be because I was afraid of failing? That I may paint an ugly painting! Art is about beauty! I should paint or draw beauty! No ugliness was allowed!

Life is like the ocean that can have calm waves sometimes, and angry ones by the time that you don’t expect it at all! Life has thought me to “face my fear” to “turn my fears into courage” and that ugliness is just the surface! You need to dive under that surface to appreciate it really! And that no one is perfect! Make mistakes and lurn from them!

So, one day, in 2015, I have done some shopping and guess what? I bought my first oil painting colors along with some painting knives and brushes ✨

Yes! Not just brushes! Knives Lol

I think I felt it was time to change the gear and move on!😊

This is one of my oil paintings, it isn’t perfect, I know, but it has my sincere feelings in every stroke in it!

Tell me what do you think of this humble work, your feedback means a LOT for me.

🌷Thanks for reading and have a wonderful time🌷

16 thoughts on ““Boats” Oil on Canvas Painting

  1. Wooow ~ from what I read you seemed like an Artist Genius since your childhood ** That is so cool! I am so so happy you brought knives -omg istg I love when artists use tools that are not “supposed” to be used for art; it made their arts even more special- & brushes because now you can show us sUCH BEAUTIFUL PEACE OF ART!!!

    I loooooooove it so much! The effect & the colors you used are so perfectly mixed together ❤ It makes me wanna go out and have a little walk near a river or something ;;. It makes me want to travel & I love it !! You did amazing & thank you for sharing your arts with us ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my god Doudou😍 Is there anything that can make happy more than opening your eyes on a comment like this!?💕💕💕 I’m soooooo happy that you loved my painting, to tell you the truth I’m always blaming myself about my finished work 😰 I keep saying to myself I should have done better than this😖 but when I read your lovely words I feel thrilled and joyful ❤❤❤ thank you sooooo much for this you made my day and you encourage me to share more of my paintings and not be “shy” to show them😍✨🌷❤
      All the love and respect for you my little Doudou keep drawing hon I love your Art ❤❤❤

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      1. OH I am so happy my little message made you happy /u\ ❤ !! OF COURSE I LOOOOVE IT!!! ❤❤❤ Do not blame yourself love; you are doing amaaazing ❤ !! If I can motivate you on your arts; I am the happiest Frenchie eVER!
        You are sooo sweet ;; ❤ !! Thank you so much as well; I will post more arts soon I promise c:

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      1. Oh Ravindra glad you enjoying your time in your farmhouse ( indeed it is my dream to live in a farmhouse too, surrounded by goats, lambs, cows, chickens and rabbits too hehe it is peaceful ❤❤❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 😁😁😁glad that you enjoy farmhouse beauty of nature…recently I have posted few clicks of my farmhouse 🤗 I Wish that your wishes will fulfill very soon my dear🤗🤗🤗keep blogging 😘😘

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I had a look on some of your farmhouse pictures and they are amazing!! Enjoy your time my dearest and thanks for your genuine love and support❤ keep shining always✨😀😘


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