There Will Be Always Hope!

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This is actually the first skull I ever drawn! It is a scary thing for me to see them and had never thought it will be fun to draw one!! I must have been in a very bad mood when I painted it, I guess! lol

But, even when I am in my “sad” moments, I must end it with some “hope” ! You might be wondering what represents hope in this painting!?

I must admit that my flowers and plants painting *sucks* 😅

Hope in this painting is represented with the purple plant growing out of the skull 🍀

Does the “Skull” represent something to you?

🌷Happy blogging🌷

15 thoughts on “There Will Be Always Hope!

    1. Oh Michelle I didn’t know that you like drawing ❤ thanks for the lovely feedback! We can ‘temporary live’ the sad moment but we shouldn’t allow it to invade our life! So Hope is precious 🌺🌺🌺

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  1. Oh love; were you sad recently ;;? If you ever need someone to chat with please feel free to message me whenever you want to c:
    About the drawing, noooo your plants are looking great!!! I know for most people it represents death but for me it kind of represents life. Not like life as the life we are living but the reality of it. I mean – we all have a skull, riiight? And I tend to forget this fact.


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    1. My dear Doudou thanks sooooo much for your love and support, sad recently? No, but when I was drawing this skull I think yes! This is life I guess, Ups and Downs, but the most important thing is that you must Not allow yourself to remain in the “Downs” phase or stay in the “bottom” that’s why our faith, our believing that God (ALLAH) will bring in a better future, better days, keeps us from drowning 😉❤✌
      I like what you say skull represented for you! I may look at it from this angle now haha sounds better angle😀 And you are Not dumb, don’t say that again, you are precious, intelligent and talented my dear
      Keep smiling and shining❤


  2. 🌹🌹🌹I like the picture and beauty of sadness inside the skull…never be sad or fear as your creativity is super precious dear 💞💞💞keep blogging and may sunshine shine your way🍀♥️♥️♥️☀️☀️☀️💕💕💕

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