I know I’m Guilty!

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It has been a long time since I posted on my WordPress blog, and too be honest, I did miss it so much! it’s just that I have been through tough time, still I am, but won’t lose hope and faith in Allah ^_^

This didn’t stop me from creating new Lightpainting art.. and Guess what? I have received a gift from https://lightpaintingbrushes.com and I couldn’t believe my eyes, a box full of lightpainting tools! WOW! I jumped of joy!

Today I will share with you this lightpainting I made using LPB brushes ^_^

Golden Hummingbird-Lightpainted by Nassima

I chose this work today as a symbol of good luck and joy that I want to share with you through it ..

I would love to hear your thoughts about it !

10 thoughts on “I know I’m Guilty!

  1. A beautiful piece, Nassima. ❤ It was posted on my birthday too! 😍 I feel as though the universe is sending me signs, through your wonderful post. 🤗 This one is definitely very special to me. ⚘ I hope and pray that you are able to overcome your tougher days. 💜 Keep up the amazing work.

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    1. awe what a lovely surprise! I’m so so soo happy to read your comment and know that you still there! Happy Birthday Asfa my dearest ❤ I wish you All the best, all the love and health ^_^
      I have sent you an email because I wanted to know that you are OK ^_^ now I feel relieved lol have a wonderful day sweetie ^^


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