Freshly Squeezed Fruits

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Watercolor by Nassima

I didn’t expect this painting to look like this when I started it, I just wanted to paint what I felt at that moment, it is quite interesting how our imagination,talent & brain work together!

I hope you see “Hope” in my painting

I hope it brings you a gentle and soft feeling that may stamp a smile on your face😊

I would love to know your thoughts about this freshly squeezed painting😉

Self-dependent Flower🌸

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Today, I bring you a special plant.. It is a flower that doesn’t need you to look after her.. Nor needs a certain weather adjustment to survive! ☺

It is colorful,beautiful and the most important thing is that it shines in the dark! You might be surprised, that such a thing exist at all!

Yes! It does!

How? Well, I present you my Lightpainted Self-dependent flower.. Made of light.. Made of love.. Made of persistence! 🌸

Lightpainting by Nassima Light

Lightpainted in a dark room, in 20 seconds and with my mobile torch 🔦 🌸

Hope my humble flower drew a smile on your face😊..

Invitation to my Portfolio ^_^

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Hello everyone, hope you all are doing fine. I wanted to invite you to have a look on my WordPress Portfolio, I have added few Lightpaintings , and will be adding more drawings and paintings soon ^_^

Meanwhile, enjoy these lightpainted flowers ^_^, just a reminder, there’s absolutely No Photoshop, all pictures are taken in one single long exposure photograph, and it is straight out of my camera ❤

Lightpainted flowers ❤

Have a wonderful evening, a wonderful afternoon, a wonderful day 🙂

❤ The Light is my brush, the Night is my canvas ❤

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A New Lightpainting is Born

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It has been a long time since I haven’t lightpainted, haven’t posted anything on my blog or painted a decent painting! I admit I have been such a lazy person for a long time lol

But guess what? I have started to lightpaint again, even that I have no new tools to work with, but who cares since I love what I do?! Creativity increases when you don’t have enaugh tools or different options!! (at least that’s what I have noticed as an artist with limited resources)

Here’s what I did last night ^_^

Lightpainting of a handmade plant (single long exposure of 15 seconds , Straight out of Camera, No Photoshop!)

This photo is taken in a single long exposure of 15 seconds, and straight out of camera, NO Photoshop!, I have used a plastic bottle and a flashlight of my mobile phone to lightpaint this plant ^_^

I would like to know what do you think of this photo ^_^

The Light is my brush.. the Night is my canvas

❤ Nassima ❤


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WHAT’S ISLAM? Who is ALLAH? What is Quran?

Part 1

That’s a question many people are asking today, Islam is the topic of many discussions, yet, very often people don’t have the essence of the meaning, even Muslims themselves are not sure how to translate it.

The word ISLAM is the only word not translated from the Qur’an when they bring it to the English language, and there’s a reason for that, when we go into Arabic dictionary we find that it takes a series of words to represent the concept of what “ASLAMA” means

Aslama: verb for the noun: Islam, it caries the meaning of:

  • Surrender
  • Submission
  • Obedience
  • Sincerity
  • Peace

We understand about: Surrender, to give in, Submit, that’s to go along with something. To Obey the commandments and then to be Sincere, and we can stop right there for a moment and think about it, if it requires Sincerity then there’s no possible way that you’ll be forced anyway, because if anyone is forced to do anything then, there will be NO longer to be sincerity, thus we realize that the concept of Islam being spread by the sward or any type of force is IMPOSSIBLE because Islam requires Sincerity.

Finally, the word Peace, this is the peace that a person has in his heart, after they have done the other four, meaning that they have to surrendered, submitted in obedience and sincerity, and now they are going to be in peace with whatever transpires or comes out of it.

There’s an other word related to it, MUSLIM: مسلم, for you and I, we may not think the word Muslim will be read Islam, but that’s because in Arabic we use the prefix Mu before a verb to denote the one who is performing the action, whereas in English we use the “ER” letters as a suffix at the end of a word to represent the one who does the action, like:

  • walk walk-er
  • Call call-er
  • Talk Talk-er
  • Think Think-er

and then, in Arabic you put “Mu” ahead of it

  • Mu-safir = Traveler
  • Mu-athen = Call-er (the one who calls to prayer)
  • Mu-salli = Worshiper (the one who prays)

This helps us to understand the word Islam, but what does Islam imply? we talked about the terminology of the word but has it to do with ALLAH? Is Allah God? Is there a purpose behind all of this? who is this God? who is the Ilah? and in fact, In Islam, the most important subject is ALLAH.

Allah does not exactly translate into the word God! and that’s because the word God, in English, only has one form : God, whereas in Arabic Allah comes from: elah

  • god = Elah : اله – Singular
  • gods = Aleha: الهة – Plural

and Elah is anything that can be worshiped, it can be a rock, a stick, a stone, a bone, things made with the hand, things that you can put on a shelf or carry along with you and worship, could be the stars, the moon, the universe, whatever a person worships, that’s their Elah, even their position in life, who they are, their degrees, their job, their position as a human being, all of these things are Aleha (plural for Elah: god)

But in English you don’t have a proper noun for the One and Only God, so what they do is, take the word god and make a big “G” out of it and say this is the proper noun, whereas in Arabic you can’t take Elah and then you have Allah! and it doesn’t just mean The God, cause that would be “Al Elah” but Allah is the actual name of the One and Only God, you don’t have to worry about capital letters in Arabic, because there aren’t any! you can hear it Clearly: ALLAH, the One and Only God to be worshiped.

Now, is this the God of the Arabs? as Muslims, yes, what about Arab Christians? did you know there’s Arab Christians, Arab Jews? They use the exact same word. In fact, in the Arabic Bible, which by the way, much older than the English Bible, you find the word Allah on page one on Genesis, seventeen times! that’s right! and in the new testament, you’ll find it very easily in almost any hotel or motel you go to it, because, when you pull over the little drawer by the bed, you’ll notice there’s a book in there, a Bible, you turn few pages, you see examples of the translations of the Bible into different languages, and the second language is Arabic, and the phrase is taken from John 3:16: “For God so loved the world..” and the word there for God, is used, is “ALLAH”

Now what about the belief in Muhammad? is that something that is similar to Christianity or Judaism? Well, for Christians who believe in Abraham as Jews believe in Abraham, as being the First or the pregenerator of this monotheistic belief,the belief in One God, then the answer would be Yes , because this is what Muhammad taught (Peace be upon him) He is a direct descendant from Abraham, Yes! by the way of his son Ismail (Ishmael) so, Ismail is well known to be a father of many Arabs today, and it’s from him, through Abraham, Ismail, that we find others all the way down to the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

What about the other prophets, that came by way of Isaac, from the other branch of Abraham? Well, we know Moses, don’t we?, David, Solomon and of course Jesus, and we say: Peace be upon them all, (this is very important for Muslims to always say that; Peace be upon them)

What was it that Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon and Jesus had in common with Muhammad (peace be upon them)? Do you know what it was? it was the message that they brought to their people.

  • Abraham taught people to worship God directly and not be involved in false worship or pagan worship.
  • Moses, peace be upon him, My Gosh!that’s very clear, isn’t it?! when we look to the ten commandments we find immediately the very first commandment is that you shall not have any other worship except for the One God; ” Thou shall Not Have Any Other Gods Beside Me” that’s the way God ordered Moses to write it down isn’t it!
  • And David, with his Psalms, and Solomon, of course, they were in the exact same thinking, their beliefs were not just similar, they were Identical.
  • And then, Jesus ( peace be upon him), many people would tell you that Jesus said this or he said that, but when we look to the Bible, you know what we find? we find that it wasn’t Jesus who had these different opinions and ideas, it was actually PAUL! The quotes from Jesus in the Gospel are so identical to prophets before, you can’t help but notice it!

For instance in Mathew 5:17 where Jesus says:

“Think not that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets, I came not to destroy but to FULFIL.”

Mathew 5:16

And not all things are accomplished, shall a single dot, or jot, or iota or little being in any wise lessened“.

So, we see right away that he was saying: I’m holding up the Torah, the law from before. Then when we look further into the book of Mark, we see what is the greatest of all commandments, that’s in 12:29 in the book of Mark, and look what it says, when somebody is asking him, what’s the greatest commandment?According to English translation I have it says that Jesus responded: It is to know: O, Israel, the Lord, your God is ONE Lord, and you have to love Him with All your heart and your mind and your strength”.

“Hear, O Israel: The Lord, our God is One Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord Thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength.”

Mark 12:29

So, obviously, we know now that this message was very important; worshiping God Alone without partners. And that is Exactly what Muhammad (peace be upon him) was trying to do with his people, at his time in Mekka, because they had strayed far away from their great ancestor Abraham ( peace be upon him), they still perform some of the rituals but without the proper belief, they still made circumambulation around the same place that Abraham had built a long with his son Ismail or Ishmael in English. And do you know, and this is an amazing thing, when you think about it, these people were thinking they were doing exactly the same as their ancestors, but their ancestors, has strayed so far away that all they had, was the physical presentation without any other proper beliefs, not in their worship, and certainly not in the way they treated each other, these people had become alcoholics, they have become womanizers, they had become very bad, we will just leave it at that.. because we want to come to something next about our subject, what is Islam?

What about this book called Qur’an? what is that all about? in the very beginning of the Qur’an itself, it demands the believers who believe in the Qur’an , MUST also believe in the previous revelations. To believe to what is said to Muhammad, (peace be upon him), in what was sent before, and the Qur’an go on to tell us about the Torah: the Law or the old testament, The Zaboor; this is the Psalms, and the Injeel: Gospel ( New testament). So whoever would not believe that God was the originator of these, that God was One who sent those down, if they wouldn’t believe that, the, their belief in the Qur’an by itself is not enough, because the Qur’an says that! ( to believe in what was sent before).

And what does Qur’an exactly mean?in simple English, well, it doesn’t mean “Book”, the word “Bible” literally means “Book”, Biblios from Greek, but the word Qur’an is Arabic, it means “Recitation” , that is which is being recited, and that’s how the Qur’an comes to us today. Because, did you know that the Prophet Muhammad, he used to recite it just as he “heard” it from the Angel “Gabriel (Jibreel) the way that it was recited

I will stop right there, and will be back to you again in the 2nd part of this “Written” video of Yusuf ESTES : What is ISLAM

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The Relation between Torah, Injil & Quran ?

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We read from Quran Chapter 3, verse 3 ( Surat Al Imran)

(3:3) He has revealed this Book to you, setting forth the truth and confirming the earlier Books, and earlier He revealed the Torah and Gospel
(3:4) for the guidance of mankind; *2 and He has also revealed the Criterion (to distinguish truth from falsehood). A severe chastisement lies in store for those who deny the signs of Allah. Allah is All-Mighty; He is the Lord of Retribution.

Explanation :

*2). The Torah is generally taken to signify the first five books of the Old Testament, and the Injil (Gospel), to mean the four Gospels of the New Testament, even though those books form a part of it. This has sometimes caused people to wonder if these books were indeed revealed by God. If they are accepted as revealed, one may wonder if the Qur’an really verifies their contents as this verse says. The fact is, however, that the Torah is not identical with the first five books of the Old Testament even though those books form a part of the Torah. Likewise, the Injil is not identical with the four Gospels of the New Testament.
The fact is that the Torah, in the Qur’anic usage, signifies the revelations made to Moses (peace be on him), in about forty years, from the time he was appointed a Prophet until his death. These include the Ten Commandments’, which were handed over to him inscribed on stone tablets. Moses took down the rest of the revealed injunctions and handed over one copy to each of the twelve tribes of Israel, and one copy to the Levites for safe keeping. It is this book which was known as the Torah and it existed until the first destruction of Jerusalem. The copy entrusted to the Levites was put beside the Ark of the Covenant along with the Commandment tablets, and the Israelites knew it as the Torah. The Jews, however, neglected the Book: during the reign of Josiah the King of Judah the Temple of Solomon was under repair and the high priest, Hilkiah, chanced to find the Book lying in the construction area. He gave it to the King’s secretary, Shaphan, who in turn took it to the King as if it were a strange find (see 2 Kings 22: 8-13).
Hence, when the Babylonian King, Nebuchadnezzar, conquered Jerusalem and razed it and the Temple of Solomon to the ground, the Israelites lost for ever the few original copies of the Torah which they possessed, and which they had consigned to obscurity. At the time of Ezra the priest, some Israelites returned from captivity in Babylon, and when Jerusalem was rebuilt the entire history of Israel, which now comprises the first seventeen books of the Old Testament, was recorded by Ezra with the assistance of some other elders of the community. Four of these books, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, consist of a biographical narrative of Moses. In this biography those verses of the Torah available to Ezra and the other elders are also recorded and in the contexts in which they were revealed. The present Torah, therefore, comprises those fragments of the original book which are interspersed throughout the biography of Moses (composed in the manner described above).
In locating these fragments of the original Torah there are certain expressions which help us. These are interspersed between the different pieces of biographical narration and usually open with words such as: ‘Then the Lord said to Moses’, and ‘Moses said, the Lord your God commands you.’ These expressions, then, are fragments of the original Torah. When the biographical narration re-commences, however, we can be sure that the fragment of the true Torah has concluded. Wherever authors and editors of the Bible have added anything of their own accord, by way of either elaboration or elucidation, it has become very difficult for an ordinary reader to distinguish the original from the explanatory additions. Those with insight into Divine Scripture, however, do have the capacity to distinguish between the original revealed fragments and the later, human interpolations.
It is these scattered fragments of the original revealed Book which the Qur’an terms as the Torah, and it is these which it confirms. When these fragments are compared with the Qur’an, there is no difference between the two as regards the fundamental teachings. Whatever differences exist relate to legal matters and are of secondary importance. Even today a careful reader can appreciate that the Torah and the Qur’an have sprung from one and the same Divine source.
Likewise, Injil signifies the inspired orations and utterances of Jesus (peace be on him), which he delivered during the last two or three years of his life in his capacity as a Prophet. There are no certain means by which we can definitively establish whether or not his statements were recorded during his lifetime. It is possible that some people took notes of them and that some followers committed them to memory. After a period of time, however, several treatises on the life of Jesus were written. The authors of these treatises recorded, in connection with the biographical account, those sayings of his which they had received from the previous generation of co-religionists, in the form of either oral traditions or written notes about events in his life. As a result the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are not identical with the Injil. Rather, the Injil consists of those statements by Jesus which form part of these Gospels. Unfortunately we have no means of distinguishing the fragments of the original Injil from the pieces written by the authors themselves. All we can say is that only those sections explicitly attributed to Jesus, for example in statements such as: ‘And Jesus said’ and ‘And Jesus taught’, constitute the true Injil. It is the totality of such fragments which is designated as the Injil by the Qur’an, and it is the teachings contained in these fragments that the Qur’an confirms. If these fragments are put together and compared with the teachings of the Qur’an one notices very few discrepancies between the two, and any discrepancies that are found can be resolved easily by unbiased reflection.

A Verse from Quran😊2. 286

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2: 286 Allah does not burden any human being with a responsibility heavier than he can bear,*338

Everyone will enjoy the fruit of the good that one has earned and shall suffer for the evil that one has committed. *339

(O Believers, pray like this to Allah: “Our Lord, take us not to task if we forget and lapse into error inadvertently. Lord! lay not on us the kind of burdens that You had lain on the people before us.*340

Lord, lay not on us the kind of burden that we have not the strength to bear.*341

Be kind to us, forgive us and show mercy to us. You are our Protector : help us against the disbelievers.”*342

Explanation of the previous verse

*338: Man’s answerability to God is limited by the extent of his ability. If a man does not have the ability to do a certain thing, God will not take him to task for not having performed it. In the same way, if it is really beyond a man’s ability to abstain from something, God will not blame him for having failed to abstain from it. It should be noted here that man will not be the final judge as to whether he had the ability to do something or not. Such judgement will be made by God alone.
*339: This is the second fundamental principle of God’s law of retribution. Every man will be rewarded for the services he has rendered, none will be rewarded for services rendered by others. The same applies to punishment. It is the one who is guilty who will be punished. It is possible, however, that if a man has initiated either good or bad practices, they will continue to affect people’s lives. The resulting good and bad deeds of people will be reckoned either to their credit or against them, since they are clearly related to their efforts and actions. It is impossible, however, that a map should be either rewarded for an act of goodness or punished for an act of evil in which he has had no share – neither by intent nor practical action. The requital of acts is not transferable.
*340: The prayer made here is that God should not subject them to the severe tests and the terrible persecutions and hardships undergone by their predecessors. It is God’s law that those who commit themselves to follow Truth and righteousness are subjected to severe tests and tribulations, and it is a believer’s duty to meet them with patience and fortitude. At the same time, the believer should always pray that God may make it easy for him to follow the path of Truth and righteousness.
*341). Believers pray to God not to place upon them a burden beyond their capacity of endurance, and to subject them only to those tests from which they may emerge triumphant. May it not happen that the hardships are too much for them to bear, and that their feet falter and are turned away from the path of righteousness,
*342). In order to appreciate fully the spirit of this prayer, one should remember that these verses were revealed on the occasion of the ascension of the Prophet, a year before his migration to Madina. At that time the struggle between Islam and unbelief had reached its climax. Not only in Makka, but throughout the Arabian peninsula, there was no place where the lives of those who wished to follow the religion of God had not been made extremely difficult. In these circumstances the Muslims were told in what manner they ought to pray to their Lord. It is obvious that if the bestower himself tells one how to present one’s request, the granting of the request becomes virtually assured. Hence, this prayer greatly strengthened the hearts of the Muslims. Moreover, this prayer implicitly taught the Muslims not to allow their feelings to flow along undesirable channels. They should instead mould them into a prayer to their Lord.
Think of the heart-rending cruelties to which the Muslims were subjected merely because of their devotion to Truth, and then turn to the contents of this prayer, where there is no trace of bitterness against the enemies. Consider the physical afflictions and material losses which the Muslims suffered, then note how this prayer does not contain the slightest hint of worldly ambition. Compare the wretchedness and misery of these devotees of Truth with the pure, exalted feelings with which this prayer is overflowing. This comparison will enable us to appreciate the nature of the spiritual and moral training provided to men of faith.

May ALLAH guide us to the right path

There Will Be Always Hope!

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This is actually the first skull I ever drawn! It is a scary thing for me to see them and had never thought it will be fun to draw one!! I must have been in a very bad mood when I painted it, I guess! lol

But, even when I am in my “sad” moments, I must end it with some “hope” ! You might be wondering what represents hope in this painting!?

I must admit that my flowers and plants painting *sucks* 😅

Hope in this painting is represented with the purple plant growing out of the skull 🍀

Does the “Skull” represent something to you?

🌷Happy blogging🌷