Top 10 Reasons Why Jesus CANNOT Be God

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Disclaimer: The following post is a written version of a video on Digital Mimbar Youtube Channel.

In this video Joshua Evans -a former Youth Minister- shares 10 reasons why Jesus can not be God. Get your note book put ready for this one, we’ll be giving you the top 10 reasons why Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him) can not be God. Please open and clear your mind and try to really be sincere with yourself as you watch this show. If you’re a Christ worshiper, all we’re trying to do is to bring you the truth. We hope you’ll enjoy.

Host Eddie: Bismillah, Alhamdulillah, Essalamu Alaykum: which means peace on to you, welcome to an other episode of the Deen Show, this is the only show on Islam and Muslims, thank you for coming to learn about the most misunderstood way of life in the world today which is practiced by a over 1.5 billion human beings, all over the world. So we want to help you, develop a better understanding and there’re certain issues and myths that we like to clear up here in the show, one of them which is prominent in the world today is that God Almighty the Creator can be a man, so we are going to be discussing this topic, with our next guest, and giving you some of the top 10 reasons why God the Almighty can not be a man.

One note here, is that we’re going to be discussing something that might be a little sensitive to some people, about one who is beloved to our hearts, his name is Jesus. We want to note that everyone knows, before we start, that we love Jesus. Jesus in Islam, which means surrendering and submission to the the creator of the heavens and the earth alone, without any partners; is one of the mightiest messengers that God has sent to deliver the same message that started from the beginning of time. That there’s only one God that you worship, that God alone, without no associates.

So today our next guest is a former Christian minister, actually a youth minister, and he’s accepted Islam several years back, he’s going to help us tackle this topic, so sit tight, you don’t wanna go nowhere, we’re giving you Top 10 reasons why Jesus (peace be upon him) cannot be God.

Host: Essalamu Alaykum brother, thank you for coming with us again..

Jushua Evans: wa’alaykum essalam, thank you for inviting me, always, always a pleasur to be on the Deen Show..

Host: yes, this is Jushual Evans, he has a special section, on the , you go and click on his picture, he has a bunch of topics. Now I want to make a note to some people, we’re not trying to hurt somebody’s feelings, we’re trying to deliver the truth, and I want people to know that we love Jesus, he’s very dear to us, he’s one of the mightiest messengers that God sent to humanity, he was sent to the children of Israel at that time..

Joshua Evans: yes, all of that..

Host: he did many mighty miracles, by the permission of God..

Joshua Evans: yes,

Host: and he healed the sick, the blind, the lepers, correct

Joshua Evans: yes, absolutely!

Host: He revived the dead, by God’s permission

Joshua Evans: all of that..

Host: he was the word of God on Earth, but he never claimed divinity

Joshua Evans: no he never claimed, in fact the amazing thing about Islam that everyone should know is that: we are the only other religion that is a tenet of faith that you must believe in Jesus the Christ and everything he did, or you CAN NOT BE A MUSLIM, if that is missing, if you say that you don’t believe in Jesus, you have stepped out of Islam, you can not be a Muslim, our tenet of faith is to believe in and love Jesus Christ..

Host: so if you don’t believe in him, you’re out of Islam!

Joshua Evans: you can not be a Muslim.. We’re going in a descending order, top 10 reasons, working our way to number one, the most important reason.

NUMBER 10: God was Not Born, Jesus Was born

Joshua Evans: First reason, beginning of the beginning, that Jesus can not be God and the reason why we’re going over this topic, is because it’s an issue of salvation. we want everyone to be saved, and this issue is a very important issue for Christians, Muslims, Jews, why Jesus can not be God, is that God can not be born, God did not come into existence, He’s always existed, He did not come into existence from non-existence, He was not born, He was not created, He has always been before there was even a thing called : Time! and as we always known, Jesus Christ ( peace be upon him) was born, He was born without a father, yes indeed that was one of his true miracles, but he was indeed born, he was in the womb for nine months, and he was born, so that by its very nature, shows that he does not have the same quality and characteristics that God has, God can not be born, Jesus was born. so those two people can not be one in the same.

Host: That’s number 10 now, God has no beginning, Jesus (peace upon him) had a beginning, Ok, number Nine,

NUMBER 09: Jesus Never Said I Am God , And Never Said ” Worship Me”

Joshua Evans: number nine, would be that there are no explicit verses in any scriptural text, especially the Bible that say so. Now, God when He speaks of things, when He talks of His own characteristics, and who He is, He very very explicit; for instance, in Isaiah: 46:09, God says: ” I am God, and there is nothing else, I am God and there is none like Me”. Also the verses that Jesus quoted, he said: ” Hear O Israel, which is the one recorded in the Jewish Synagogues, every time they have service, ” Hear O Israel, the Lord, Our God, is but One God, and then, there is none else” and we all know the verses, you can go through the Old Testament and read about God’s characteristics when He describes Himself, it is always Explicit!. Now, there are some verses, in the New Testament, which can be implicitly interpreted as Jesus had claimed some type of Divinity, but if that was such a big characteristic, if it was such a big deal that Jesus was God, if this was the way to salvation, that he was God in the flesh, come to sacrifice himself for the sins of humanity, then, that is something God would have been explicit about, because it is an issue of salvation. God does not beat around the bush about these type of issues, when it comes to who He is, He is very clear with the Children of Israel, I am God, there’s none like Me, do not worship anything else. An Jesus came and quoted the same very verses, so if it would have been an issue of salvation that he was God, he would have very clearly stated: I am God! He would not have told the Jews when they said that you call yourself God, he said: you say that I am, he would have very clearly said Yes! I’m God and I’m here to save you from your sins, he never stated that in anywhere and it’s never referenced in any scriptural text of any religion whatsoever, so therefore, if God is so explicit about His nature, why when it comes to Him becoming a man, why did He not explicitly stated so.

Host: So explicit, that means it’s lucid, it’s clear , it’s unambiguous, something unequivocal..

Joshua Evans: it’s not something that you need a scholar to interpret, if God’s nature was that He was coming in the form of a man, He would have made it so even a five-year-old child can understand

Host: I want to be really fair now, alright, we got some theologians, some Bible scholars that will come and disagree with you, they will say, you know what? John 01:01 ” The beginning was the word, the word was God, and the word became God ” an other one: I am before Abraham was I , now me, as a Layman, personally, you know, I don’t really, if I’m reading that, it’s a little bit ambiguous but you go ahead an comment on this..

Joshua Evans: well that also comes from what standpoint you looking at those verses as, if you look at them from aspect that you have never heard of the Trinity, you’ve never heard that Jesus came in the form of a man, then these verses would not say that to you, these verses will not say anything other than what they’re meant to say. For instance, In the beginning, was the Word, the Word became .. we also believe that Jesus was God’s Word made manifest, that’s what he is, God said to him Be, and he was, he was God’s spoken word on this earth , so we believe that verse, : ” I am the way, the truth and life, no one comes to the Father except by me, we believe that verse, we just interpret it in the light of everything else that God has said. when you put it in the light of everything that God has always said, it always makes sense but if you want to take those verses out, and try to prove a point with them, I can say that God doesn’t exist and I can go and find some verses from the Bible, put them together, and be like: look! there’s ten verses right here, that show God doesn’t exist! you know what I’m saying, You can make the Bible say anything you want to, you can make the Qur’an say anything you wanted to, if you know how to pick and choose correctly and interpret them in the light of a preconceived notions, but if you look at these verses analytically along with the explicit verses where God describes His nature, in the explicit verses where Jesus describes God’s nature, they become very very clear-cut

Host: so these verses, you’re saying, I just mentioned, these are verses that someone can deduct and someone that is a theology wants to prove a point, he’ll take these and try to prove it, but overall, there’s no clear-cut unambiguous statement where Jesus (peace be upon him) ever said: I am your creator, worship me.

Joshua Evans: never..

Host: he never said that!

Joshua Evans: there’s not a verse in the Bible with that explicit statement..

Host: you heard it here, on the Deen Show!. Number Eight, talk to me about it..

NUMBER 08: No One Has Ever Seen God

Joshua Evans: The Bible says by God’s own word, no one has ever seen God at any time, this is very clear, in John 01: 18 it says: No man has seen God at any time, even Jesus own statement in John 05: 37 Jesus says: ” and the Father Himself which hath sent me, hath borne witnesse of me, and you had neither heard His voice, nor seen His face at any time” and Jesus was standing right there amongst them, so had he been God, why would he say you have never seen God at any time?! you understand? this is what I’m talking about, this is clear-cut, you have never seen God, if he would have been God, he would have said: You’re looking at God right now , you want to see God, look at me, you have seen Him, and there are some verses in the Bible someone can reiterate and say ok we said anyone who has seen me has seen the Father, you know! or I and the Father are one, You know? but if you read the context of the verses rather than just taking a sentence out, if you read the context of four or five different verses, you will see that he was speaking of being one in purpose, even in the one he said: I and the Father are one, he was speaking about just no one can pluck the children of God out of God’s hand, no one can pluck them out of my hand because I and the Father are one, meaning we are one in purpose, we have the same exact mission, I am coming as God’s message bearer to humanity, we are one in the same and what we want from you. I am God’s representative, anything that He wants is my will, so if you understand them in that light, explicitly, then you understand that Jesus said that no man has seen God at any time, and this is also in the Quran. Moses asked to see God in the Qur’an and He said, look at the mountain, if the mountain can see me, you can see Me, then if you can bear my sight , then you can see me, we know that when God showed Himself to the mountain, it crumbled into pieces and then Moses repented and said I’m sorry, basically that I don’t want to see you.. We can Not stand to see God, God is not something that can come in the form of a human being, I mean, you can not contain God’s essence inside of a physical form, that is to lessen God beyond extent, to put Him inside a physical form, He’s too great to be put in any form of any dynamiters or in any parameters, in any dimensions, any box, you can’t put God in any box ..

Host: Top ten reasons why Jesus (peace be upon him) the one we love, was one of the mightiest messengers of God, he delivered the same message, that there’s only one God, worship Him alone, not His creation, can not be God.. Number Seven, talk to me brother..

Number 07 : Jesus Never Taught The Trinity

Jushua Evans: Number seven is this concept was not taught by Jesus or his disciples nor was it believed in by the followers of the decree and the early followers of Christianity, as we see, when they found the Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran we see that the early Christians were still a part of the Judaism, for instance, if you read the book of Acts, when Jesus Christ had departed from this earth, the disciples, still, daily, attended the synagogue. They still daily went to the temple of the Jerusalem and worshiped, as the Jews worship, because this is what Jesus Christ brought, he brought the renewal of the Laws of Moses, so if the disciples were running around, teaching people that Jesus was God, they would have been banished out of the temple the day they walked in, or they would have started their own church, Jesus went to the temple himself, he did not built his own church anywhere and said worship me, he went to the temple, and worshiped God in the same way Moses worshiped God, in the same way Abraham worshiped God, the same way David worshiped God, the same way that Zachariah worshiped God, you know, he did exact the same thing, and his disciples followed him, and if you look at the 1st , 2nd century Christians, they did the same thing. The people of Qumran, the first disciple who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls, they were also a part of Judaism, they considered themselves practicing Jews who follow Jesus as their prophet. So we see that nothing has changed, this whole concept of the Trinity, did not come about until the 3rd century of the church and it was not formulated as a doctrine that must be believed in, until 325 AD at the council of Nicaea, when all of the bishops in the scholars of Christianity which started to form the Christianity , after Paul came together and said, Key, this is a doctrine that we must believe in, and the first person to expound this doctrine was Paul, who never saw Jesus Christ himself , never walked with him, never ate with him, never learnt. It was something that he formulated out of vision, that he said he had, while he was on the road to Damascus to actually persecute Christians! So he was the first person to ever come up with this title of Christian, ever come up with this title of Trinity, ever come up with the god-ship of Jesus Christ or only begotten son , all these things came with Paul the apostle.

Host: is the word Trinity ever mentioned in the Bible?

Jushua Evans: it does not exist, and there’s only one verse that even barely, mentions that, is John 05 and 7 ” ..And there are three that bare record on earth, the Father, the son .. but if you go and research that verse, almost, all biblical scholars have removed that verse from the Bible because it is not a verse that was ever in the Bible. if you go and get a revised Standard Version of the Bible, a New Standard Version of the Bible, all of those have removed that verse because it is explicitly not a part of the Bible, it is not found in any manuscript before 1200 .

Host: God is One, not three and one, worship Him alone, we’re talking about the creator, of the heavens and the earth, that He can not be a man, the top 10 reasons why Jesus (peace be upon him) can not be God, we are number 06..

Number 06: Jesus Ate, Slept and Prayed

Jushua Evans: number six reason, is a very big one and very plain one, Jesus ate, slept and prayed. He ate, slept and prayed, and we know God by His very nature is Self-sufficient, He does not need anything to continue His existence. God does not need to eat, God does not need to sleep, God does not need to pray. God is not in need of anything because if He was in need of something then He would not be God. He would need something else other than Himself to exist, that, therefore, that would not make Him, that would take away His God-ship, and we know that Jesus Christ was born, we know that he ate, we know that he slept, we know that he prayed, had he not ate, slept, prayed or drank any water, he would have died, therefore, he was not self-sufficient , he needed something to continue his existence, therefore, by his very nature of being not sub-sufficient and God being Sub-sufficient, those two things can’t mix, you can’t be self-sufficient and not self-sufficient all at the same time. And then, Jesus prayed, he was in need of prayer anytime he had an issue, he would pray he would tell the disciples, I need to go pray, wait here while I pray, he would go to the temple pray, prostrating on his face on the ground, this is his very nature, showed that he was in need of something greater than himself because that is the essence of prayer; is showing that you’re in need of someone who is greater than you. Even people who worship idols, they would believe that idol is greater than them, therefore, they prayed to it, so if Jesus was God, why would he need his prayer, he would have been telling people to pray to him, you need to pray to me, I don’t need to pray to anyone, so therefore, by his very nature of necessity of him being in need of something else, he can not be God.

Host: we’re halfway through, here on the Deen Show, the top 10 reasons, why Jesus ( peace be upon him) can not be the creator of the heavens and the earth, he was indeed mighty messenger , sent by the creator of the heavens and earth, but his is not God. Sit tight, don’t go nowhere, some people are getting a little restless, we’re not trying to hurt nobody’s feelings, we’re here to deliver the truth, stop trying to sit here and let your mind play with you trying to refute something, so sit tight, we’re almost through! and listen! open your mind, be humble hearted, let’s go number 05..

Crochet with love

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Hello my dear followers, hope you all are ok and in good shape! I shared before one post about my first crocheted bunny girl, and wanted to let you know that I took a step forward with crochet, especially Amigurumis 🙂

I have created an other Instagram account for crochet, if it happens you are on Instagram, please check it: @crochet_queen_dz , by the way, this name was chosen by my little cutie sister, that I love so so much ❤

Today I write this post to share one special doll I made, I named it : Ice

Ice is a polar bear that loves cold winter and icebergs, but because of the hot weather, he needs to chill a LOT.. Despite the sun, he has a beautiful smile 🙂 . He is available for adoption 🙂

Ice the Polar Bear, made by @crochet_queen_dz
Ice the Polar Bear, made by @crochet_queen_dz
Ice the Polar Bear, made by @crochet_queen_dz

I hope you like Ice as much as I like him ^^

I will, In sha Allah, come back with a new cutie doll to share with you!

Happy crochetting!

Light painting Papercut Mosque Silhouette With Purple Background

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Yes, I know! I haven’t been artistically active recently! and I blame myself for that!.. but I have been doing something elese instead…. “crocheting” ! Yes!! I’m that kind of girls (or women) that can’t get satisfied doing just one thing lol .. I will, in sha Allah, write a post for you, about my crochet hobby ^_^, but meanwhile let’s talk about ” Light painting” photography 🙂

light painting mosquee silhouette by Nassima Light

In the photo above, I have cut a mosque silhouette, set my camera on a tripod, and hop! started the lightpainting session. If you think that this is the first photograph I took , you are mistaken! this must have been number 7 or 8 may be! I am never happy with the first result, and don’t ask me why 0_0 lol

The tools I have used are the Lightpaintingbrushes black fiber optic for the white thin strings, and collapssible-sword for the puprle-ish background ^_^

I would be very happy to know what do you think of this work, and would love to hear your suggestions for a future lightpainting work ^_^

The Origin of the word “ALLAH” (God)

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Where There Jewish and Christian Arabs Before Islam?

Light Painting “ALLAH” in Arabic Calligraphy

In the city of Madina in what we call today “Saudi Arabia”, there were three main religions:  Idol worshiping, Judaism and Christianity.  The name of the Jewish leader who also was the Highest Priest in Madina before Islam came was “Abdallah Bin-Saba”.  His Arabic name was not “AbdElohim Bin-Saba” or “AbdElloi Bin-Saba” or “AbdGOD Bin-Saba”.  The reason why his first name was “Abdallah” is because the Arab Jews in Madina used the word “Allah” for GOD in their Holy Scriptures.   The word “Allah” did indeed exist in the Arabic Talmud and the other Jewish Holy Scriptures.

Also, the Christians’ Arabic Bible at that time used the word “Allah” for GOD.  Even today’s Christians’ Arabic Bibles use the word “Allah” for GOD.   Today in the Middle East, Christians sometimes name their kids “Abdallah”.  Also there are Christian families who’s last names is “Abdallah”.

In today’s Arabic Bible, the word “Allah” is used for both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Most Recent Archaeological Discoveries:

Recently Father Pecerillo, a famous Franciscan Archeologist, found more than twenty churches in Madaba at the south of Jordan. From the Forth Century we found houses in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine with this inscription in Arabic :”Bismi Allah al-Rahman al-Raheem” which shows that even people before Islam used this Holy name, “Allah”, for GOD Almighty, which proves that the name of GOD Almighty in the Noble Quran, “Allah”, is the correct one.  This also proves to us that the Bible is not all found.  There are still missing pieces in it that disprove trinity.

Further discoveries from an Arabic Roman Catholic web site at

Recently also, Father Pecerillo, a famous Franciscan Archeologist, found from the Forth Century (200 years before Islam) houses in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine with this inscription in Arabic :”Bismi Allah al-Rahman al-Raheem” which means in Arabic “In the name of ALLAH, the Most Merciful and the Most Gracious”, which again proves that His Holy name existed before Islam and it also proves the True Oneness of Allah Almighty and refutes Trinity. 

Here is an analysis to the Arabic words above:

Bismi – Ism = name. Bism = In name, because “Bi” = in.  Bismi = In the name of, because the “i” at the end of the word must be added because of the “Bi” addition.  When we added “Bi” to the word “Ism”, then the “i” must also be added to the end of “Bism” if and only if the word “Bism” is followed by another word, which makes it become all one word “Bismi” which means “In the name of”.

Allah – Allah is the name of Allah Almighty.  Bismi Allah sounds as “bismillah”, but two seperate words.  “Bismi” is one seperate word and “Allah” is another seperate word.

Al-Rahman – Al = the.  Rahman = merciful.   Rahman is derived from Rahmah, which means mercy.  Al-Rahman is one word.   It is not like English two words “the merciful”.  No, in Arabic, “the” is combined with the word both are written as one word; “Al-Rahman”.

Al-Raheem – Al = the. Raheem = gracious.  Al-Raheem = the gracious.  Again, Al-Raheem is written as one Arabic word, and not two.

“Bismi Allah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem” = “In the name of Allah the Most Merciful and the Most Gracious”.

Here is how the four Arabic words “Bismi Allah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem” written in Arabic:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

🌷Peace on you= Assalamu Alaykom🌷

Science & ISLAM

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Quran STUNNING Miracles: What forms in the embryo first, the muscles or the bones?

Disclaimer: The information in this post is from May Allah reward the owner of this website for the great information and proofs he provided.

This post is divided into the following sections:

  • 1- The Noble Quran’s Divine Claims.
  • 2- The Scientific Proofs.
  • 3- Conclusion. (Must read!)

1-  The Noble Quran’s Divine Claims:

The Holy Quran and Islam are filled with scientific statements and notions.  These are statements of Allah Almighty describing how He created things on earth and in the Universe.  What’s most amazing is that all of these scientific statements and notions had been proven to be in perfect agreement with science and our modern-day scientific discoveries.  Allah Almighty made the Noble Quran be Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) Everlasting Divine Miracle and proof for Prophethood.  The Holy Book certainly stood the test of time 1,500 years ago with Its Claims, Prophecies and Miraculous language eloquence, and it does again and again in our day today with Its overwhelming agreement with science and discoveries that were not known to man 1,500 years ago.

Allah Almighty Said: “We will show them Our signs in the Universe and inside their selves, until it will become quite clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your Lord that He is a witness over all things?  (The Noble Quran, 41:53)”

It is Lightpainting Photography and Not Photoshop

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Lightpainting or Photoshop?

It is realy hard to distinguish between the two, but at least lightpainting is so “Real” if I can put it in these words!

For those who didn’t hear the term “Lightpainting” before, it is a photography art that is specifically created in one single ling-exposure using light source! yes! Light! it is the key and it is the “brush” the lightpainter uses to paint in the dark!

So basically, Light is the “brush” and dark is the “canvas”

I have created this Light Painting using lightpaintingbrushes Plexiglass Rectangle, I got the purple kind of color, through a purple tape that I stick on the edge of the plexiglass brush ^_^

Hope you like the portrait of my miniature red car! Let me know in the comments if you do! ^_^

Art from the Heart



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WHAT’S ISLAM? Who is ALLAH? What is Quran?

Part 1

That’s a question many people are asking today, Islam is the topic of many discussions, yet, very often people don’t have the essence of the meaning, even Muslims themselves are not sure how to translate it.

The word ISLAM is the only word not translated from the Qur’an when they bring it to the English language, and there’s a reason for that, when we go into Arabic dictionary we find that it takes a series of words to represent the concept of what “ASLAMA” means

Aslama: verb for the noun: Islam, it caries the meaning of:

  • Surrender
  • Submission
  • Obedience
  • Sincerity
  • Peace

We understand about: Surrender, to give in, Submit, that’s to go along with something. To Obey the commandments and then to be Sincere, and we can stop right there for a moment and think about it, if it requires Sincerity then there’s no possible way that you’ll be forced anyway, because if anyone is forced to do anything then, there will be NO longer to be sincerity, thus we realize that the concept of Islam being spread by the sward or any type of force is IMPOSSIBLE because Islam requires Sincerity.

Finally, the word Peace, this is the peace that a person has in his heart, after they have done the other four, meaning that they have to surrendered, submitted in obedience and sincerity, and now they are going to be in peace with whatever transpires or comes out of it.

There’s an other word related to it, MUSLIM: مسلم, for you and I, we may not think the word Muslim will be read Islam, but that’s because in Arabic we use the prefix Mu before a verb to denote the one who is performing the action, whereas in English we use the “ER” letters as a suffix at the end of a word to represent the one who does the action, like:

  • walk walk-er
  • Call call-er
  • Talk Talk-er
  • Think Think-er

and then, in Arabic you put “Mu” ahead of it

  • Mu-safir = Traveler
  • Mu-athen = Call-er (the one who calls to prayer)
  • Mu-salli = Worshiper (the one who prays)

This helps us to understand the word Islam, but what does Islam imply? we talked about the terminology of the word but has it to do with ALLAH? Is Allah God? Is there a purpose behind all of this? who is this God? who is the Ilah? and in fact, In Islam, the most important subject is ALLAH.

Allah does not exactly translate into the word God! and that’s because the word God, in English, only has one form : God, whereas in Arabic Allah comes from: elah

  • god = Elah : اله – Singular
  • gods = Aleha: الهة – Plural

and Elah is anything that can be worshiped, it can be a rock, a stick, a stone, a bone, things made with the hand, things that you can put on a shelf or carry along with you and worship, could be the stars, the moon, the universe, whatever a person worships, that’s their Elah, even their position in life, who they are, their degrees, their job, their position as a human being, all of these things are Aleha (plural for Elah: god)

But in English you don’t have a proper noun for the One and Only God, so what they do is, take the word god and make a big “G” out of it and say this is the proper noun, whereas in Arabic you can’t take Elah and then you have Allah! and it doesn’t just mean The God, cause that would be “Al Elah” but Allah is the actual name of the One and Only God, you don’t have to worry about capital letters in Arabic, because there aren’t any! you can hear it Clearly: ALLAH, the One and Only God to be worshiped.

Now, is this the God of the Arabs? as Muslims, yes, what about Arab Christians? did you know there’s Arab Christians, Arab Jews? They use the exact same word. In fact, in the Arabic Bible, which by the way, much older than the English Bible, you find the word Allah on page one on Genesis, seventeen times! that’s right! and in the new testament, you’ll find it very easily in almost any hotel or motel you go to it, because, when you pull over the little drawer by the bed, you’ll notice there’s a book in there, a Bible, you turn few pages, you see examples of the translations of the Bible into different languages, and the second language is Arabic, and the phrase is taken from John 3:16: “For God so loved the world..” and the word there for God, is used, is “ALLAH”

Now what about the belief in Muhammad? is that something that is similar to Christianity or Judaism? Well, for Christians who believe in Abraham as Jews believe in Abraham, as being the First or the pregenerator of this monotheistic belief,the belief in One God, then the answer would be Yes , because this is what Muhammad taught (Peace be upon him) He is a direct descendant from Abraham, Yes! by the way of his son Ismail (Ishmael) so, Ismail is well known to be a father of many Arabs today, and it’s from him, through Abraham, Ismail, that we find others all the way down to the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

What about the other prophets, that came by way of Isaac, from the other branch of Abraham? Well, we know Moses, don’t we?, David, Solomon and of course Jesus, and we say: Peace be upon them all, (this is very important for Muslims to always say that; Peace be upon them)

What was it that Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon and Jesus had in common with Muhammad (peace be upon them)? Do you know what it was? it was the message that they brought to their people.

  • Abraham taught people to worship God directly and not be involved in false worship or pagan worship.
  • Moses, peace be upon him, My Gosh!that’s very clear, isn’t it?! when we look to the ten commandments we find immediately the very first commandment is that you shall not have any other worship except for the One God; ” Thou shall Not Have Any Other Gods Beside Me” that’s the way God ordered Moses to write it down isn’t it!
  • And David, with his Psalms, and Solomon, of course, they were in the exact same thinking, their beliefs were not just similar, they were Identical.
  • And then, Jesus ( peace be upon him), many people would tell you that Jesus said this or he said that, but when we look to the Bible, you know what we find? we find that it wasn’t Jesus who had these different opinions and ideas, it was actually PAUL! The quotes from Jesus in the Gospel are so identical to prophets before, you can’t help but notice it!

For instance in Mathew 5:17 where Jesus says:

“Think not that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets, I came not to destroy but to FULFIL.”

Mathew 5:16

And not all things are accomplished, shall a single dot, or jot, or iota or little being in any wise lessened“.

So, we see right away that he was saying: I’m holding up the Torah, the law from before. Then when we look further into the book of Mark, we see what is the greatest of all commandments, that’s in 12:29 in the book of Mark, and look what it says, when somebody is asking him, what’s the greatest commandment?According to English translation I have it says that Jesus responded: It is to know: O, Israel, the Lord, your God is ONE Lord, and you have to love Him with All your heart and your mind and your strength”.

“Hear, O Israel: The Lord, our God is One Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord Thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength.”

Mark 12:29

So, obviously, we know now that this message was very important; worshiping God Alone without partners. And that is Exactly what Muhammad (peace be upon him) was trying to do with his people, at his time in Mekka, because they had strayed far away from their great ancestor Abraham ( peace be upon him), they still perform some of the rituals but without the proper belief, they still made circumambulation around the same place that Abraham had built a long with his son Ismail or Ishmael in English. And do you know, and this is an amazing thing, when you think about it, these people were thinking they were doing exactly the same as their ancestors, but their ancestors, has strayed so far away that all they had, was the physical presentation without any other proper beliefs, not in their worship, and certainly not in the way they treated each other, these people had become alcoholics, they have become womanizers, they had become very bad, we will just leave it at that.. because we want to come to something next about our subject, what is Islam?

What about this book called Qur’an? what is that all about? in the very beginning of the Qur’an itself, it demands the believers who believe in the Qur’an , MUST also believe in the previous revelations. To believe to what is said to Muhammad, (peace be upon him), in what was sent before, and the Qur’an go on to tell us about the Torah: the Law or the old testament, The Zaboor; this is the Psalms, and the Injeel: Gospel ( New testament). So whoever would not believe that God was the originator of these, that God was One who sent those down, if they wouldn’t believe that, the, their belief in the Qur’an by itself is not enough, because the Qur’an says that! ( to believe in what was sent before).

And what does Qur’an exactly mean?in simple English, well, it doesn’t mean “Book”, the word “Bible” literally means “Book”, Biblios from Greek, but the word Qur’an is Arabic, it means “Recitation” , that is which is being recited, and that’s how the Qur’an comes to us today. Because, did you know that the Prophet Muhammad, he used to recite it just as he “heard” it from the Angel “Gabriel (Jibreel) the way that it was recited

I will stop right there, and will be back to you again in the 2nd part of this “Written” video of Yusuf ESTES : What is ISLAM

Trinity is a Lie! Here is Why!

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Proofs Trinity is a Lie from the Bible itself!

“ALLAH” in Arabic Calligraphy- Lightpainting by Nassima

“Say: He is God, the One and Only; God, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him. (The Noble Quran, 112:1-4)”
“Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one.  (Deuteronomy 6:4)”
“The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.  (Mark 12:29)”

The Hijacked Bible! The Terrifying Truth that Jews have been hiding from Christians!

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In this post , In Sha Allah, and in future ones, I will do my best to write about the truth, about the Bible, about the real message of our beloved Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him), the conspiracy of the Zionists against the world and humanity, may ALLAH guide us ALL to the RIGHT path!

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Prophecy fulfillment or Hate & Bigotry Full-Filling?

I know I’m Guilty!

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It has been a long time since I posted on my WordPress blog, and too be honest, I did miss it so much! it’s just that I have been through tough time, still I am, but won’t lose hope and faith in Allah ^_^

This didn’t stop me from creating new Lightpainting art.. and Guess what? I have received a gift from and I couldn’t believe my eyes, a box full of lightpainting tools! WOW! I jumped of joy!

Today I will share with you this lightpainting I made using LPB brushes ^_^

Golden Hummingbird-Lightpainted by Nassima

I chose this work today as a symbol of good luck and joy that I want to share with you through it ..

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