Crochet with love

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Hello my dear followers, hope you all are ok and in good shape! I shared before one post about my first crocheted bunny girl, and wanted to let you know that I took a step forward with crochet, especially Amigurumis 🙂

I have created an other Instagram account for crochet, if it happens you are on Instagram, please check it: @crochet_queen_dz , by the way, this name was chosen by my little cutie sister, that I love so so much ❤

Today I write this post to share one special doll I made, I named it : Ice

Ice is a polar bear that loves cold winter and icebergs, but because of the hot weather, he needs to chill a LOT.. Despite the sun, he has a beautiful smile 🙂 . He is available for adoption 🙂

Ice the Polar Bear, made by @crochet_queen_dz
Ice the Polar Bear, made by @crochet_queen_dz
Ice the Polar Bear, made by @crochet_queen_dz

I hope you like Ice as much as I like him ^^

I will, In sha Allah, come back with a new cutie doll to share with you!

Happy crochetting!

Crochet Cute Bunny🐰

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Who said you can’t crochet a cute Amigurumi ? 😍🐰🐹🐼🐻
I once thought so..but when I tried it few times, I have realized that you can get better designs and the cutest ones too🌞
Happy Bunny in Yellow and sleepy Bunny in Red 🐰
I wanted to share my work with you , hoping that it will inspire you✌ I didn’t write down the pattern for these bunnies, but may be in the future, In Sha Allah ( By Allah’s Will) I will make an effort and keep a track of the process of how to crochet a Cute Bunny 😊🐰 Have a great day, Assalamu Alaykum😇