Crochet with love

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Hello my dear followers, hope you all are ok and in good shape! I shared before one post about my first crocheted bunny girl, and wanted to let you know that I took a step forward with crochet, especially Amigurumis 🙂

I have created an other Instagram account for crochet, if it happens you are on Instagram, please check it: @crochet_queen_dz , by the way, this name was chosen by my little cutie sister, that I love so so much ❤

Today I write this post to share one special doll I made, I named it : Ice

Ice is a polar bear that loves cold winter and icebergs, but because of the hot weather, he needs to chill a LOT.. Despite the sun, he has a beautiful smile 🙂 . He is available for adoption 🙂

Ice the Polar Bear, made by @crochet_queen_dz
Ice the Polar Bear, made by @crochet_queen_dz
Ice the Polar Bear, made by @crochet_queen_dz

I hope you like Ice as much as I like him ^^

I will, In sha Allah, come back with a new cutie doll to share with you!

Happy crochetting!

Light painting Papercut Mosque Silhouette With Purple Background

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Yes, I know! I haven’t been artistically active recently! and I blame myself for that!.. but I have been doing something elese instead…. “crocheting” ! Yes!! I’m that kind of girls (or women) that can’t get satisfied doing just one thing lol .. I will, in sha Allah, write a post for you, about my crochet hobby ^_^, but meanwhile let’s talk about ” Light painting” photography 🙂

light painting mosquee silhouette by Nassima Light

In the photo above, I have cut a mosque silhouette, set my camera on a tripod, and hop! started the lightpainting session. If you think that this is the first photograph I took , you are mistaken! this must have been number 7 or 8 may be! I am never happy with the first result, and don’t ask me why 0_0 lol

The tools I have used are the Lightpaintingbrushes black fiber optic for the white thin strings, and collapssible-sword for the puprle-ish background ^_^

I would be very happy to know what do you think of this work, and would love to hear your suggestions for a future lightpainting work ^_^

It is Lightpainting Photography and Not Photoshop

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Lightpainting or Photoshop?

It is realy hard to distinguish between the two, but at least lightpainting is so “Real” if I can put it in these words!

For those who didn’t hear the term “Lightpainting” before, it is a photography art that is specifically created in one single ling-exposure using light source! yes! Light! it is the key and it is the “brush” the lightpainter uses to paint in the dark!

So basically, Light is the “brush” and dark is the “canvas”

I have created this Light Painting using lightpaintingbrushes Plexiglass Rectangle, I got the purple kind of color, through a purple tape that I stick on the edge of the plexiglass brush ^_^

Hope you like the portrait of my miniature red car! Let me know in the comments if you do! ^_^

Art from the Heart


I know I’m Guilty!

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It has been a long time since I posted on my WordPress blog, and too be honest, I did miss it so much! it’s just that I have been through tough time, still I am, but won’t lose hope and faith in Allah ^_^

This didn’t stop me from creating new Lightpainting art.. and Guess what? I have received a gift from and I couldn’t believe my eyes, a box full of lightpainting tools! WOW! I jumped of joy!

Today I will share with you this lightpainting I made using LPB brushes ^_^

Golden Hummingbird-Lightpainted by Nassima

I chose this work today as a symbol of good luck and joy that I want to share with you through it ..

I would love to hear your thoughts about it !

What about Within U.S FREE Shipping of my VIDA Collection!

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<< The links in this post are affiliate links . This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.>>

Hello everyone😊
I’m happy today because I want to share with you a Special code for a FREE Shipping within the U.S, for those who loved my wearable art on Vida😍

As I have written on one of my previous posts, VIDA is a company committed to creating clothing in a socially conscious way, through purchasing their art collection stuff, you will contribute inproviding education to their workers arround the world.
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Peace on you all dear readers☺
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🌷Art from the Heart🌷

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Hi guys, how are you today! 😊😊😊 I’m soo excited to share with you my new collection and would like to offer you a 30% Off code, you can use it if you would like to purchase an item for yourself or for the ones you love❤❤❤

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please let me know if you like it, what colours you love most and if you like jewelry so I will focus on it more in the future⭐

🌷Art from the Heart🌷

Welcome to my VIDA Design Collections 🎁🎊🎉

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Great news🎊

I gladly want to share with you the happy news! I am a VIDA designer and I finally have created my wearable Art collections


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Indeed, I want to send you an email with a built-in PROMO just for my collections, ( but I have been struggling more than an hour looking for how to send you emails😢 I’m using a mobile phone and couldn’t see your Gravatars if you know how please let me know )

Or, please do leave your emails on a comment and I’ll send you the email❤🌷🎨📷

I really appreciate your support and love, without you guys, I wouldn’t wake up everyday and pick my mobile to read your lovely comments and your amazing posts..

I can say that you are my second family now❤❤❤ I really mean it😊

📷🎨🌷❤ Art from the Heart ❤🌷🎨📷