Crochet with love

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Hello my dear followers, hope you all are ok and in good shape! I shared before one post about my first crocheted bunny girl, and wanted to let you know that I took a step forward with crochet, especially Amigurumis 🙂

I have created an other Instagram account for crochet, if it happens you are on Instagram, please check it: @crochet_queen_dz , by the way, this name was chosen by my little cutie sister, that I love so so much ❤

Today I write this post to share one special doll I made, I named it : Ice

Ice is a polar bear that loves cold winter and icebergs, but because of the hot weather, he needs to chill a LOT.. Despite the sun, he has a beautiful smile 🙂 . He is available for adoption 🙂

Ice the Polar Bear, made by @crochet_queen_dz
Ice the Polar Bear, made by @crochet_queen_dz
Ice the Polar Bear, made by @crochet_queen_dz

I hope you like Ice as much as I like him ^^

I will, In sha Allah, come back with a new cutie doll to share with you!

Happy crochetting!

I know I’m Guilty!

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It has been a long time since I posted on my WordPress blog, and too be honest, I did miss it so much! it’s just that I have been through tough time, still I am, but won’t lose hope and faith in Allah ^_^

This didn’t stop me from creating new Lightpainting art.. and Guess what? I have received a gift from and I couldn’t believe my eyes, a box full of lightpainting tools! WOW! I jumped of joy!

Today I will share with you this lightpainting I made using LPB brushes ^_^

Golden Hummingbird-Lightpainted by Nassima

I chose this work today as a symbol of good luck and joy that I want to share with you through it ..

I would love to hear your thoughts about it !

A New Lightpainting is Born

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It has been a long time since I haven’t lightpainted, haven’t posted anything on my blog or painted a decent painting! I admit I have been such a lazy person for a long time lol

But guess what? I have started to lightpaint again, even that I have no new tools to work with, but who cares since I love what I do?! Creativity increases when you don’t have enaugh tools or different options!! (at least that’s what I have noticed as an artist with limited resources)

Here’s what I did last night ^_^

Lightpainting of a handmade plant (single long exposure of 15 seconds , Straight out of Camera, No Photoshop!)

This photo is taken in a single long exposure of 15 seconds, and straight out of camera, NO Photoshop!, I have used a plastic bottle and a flashlight of my mobile phone to lightpaint this plant ^_^

I would like to know what do you think of this photo ^_^

The Light is my brush.. the Night is my canvas

❤ Nassima ❤

100+ Followers!😍😀❤Thank you All!

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Here is what I wrote to you by hand, in case my handwriting is unreadable 😱

Thank You All

I was looking for a nice “thank you” photo to add to this post, because I was so happy, excited and speechless at the same time.

I wanted to write using my mobile phone, a post to thank you all for your support, but I thought you guys are special,you deserveva special post. So here I am, writing it all by hand,and please mind my mistakes 😅

I want to shout it and say: many thanks to You ALLBfor your Love, Support by liking, commenting on my artwork or posts.

I hope I will always share the best of my artwork, that you will admire and like, may be I can draw a smile on your face 😊


Life Tornadoes

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Lightpainting by Nassima Light

37 years and two days old 😅 we don’t realise that our life days run fast until we blow the candles on our birthday cake..and while your beloved one is singing happy birthday for think wow I’m getting old quickly lol..

I was thinking again and again about my number one dream..and when will it come true? Will it ever come true? Will my paintings see the light? Will my photography reach the world..will I participate in Art exhibitions? I still don’t have answers to these questions, but for sure, I do have the Love and Hope to do what I always loved doing: painting, drawing, lightpainting and all that is related to creativity🎨📷✒⭐

I have been looking for a way to publish my Art and ideas but on apparel, and I found it😊 finally after a struggle..but sometimes things we planned for, arrive after a long waiting..but when this will be amazed at Allah’s plan! (God’s plan) because, simply, His plan is much more better than ours!😊

Check my Online Store:

Artoxygen Online Store!

I wanted, with a Lot of Love, to share this first step with you 😇, because you mean a lot to me and you have supported me since my first day I walkded in WordPress💫 feel free to visit it and if you like an item, go ahead and get it!

I will be waiting for your feedback and support as always❤🎨📷⭐

🌷Art from the Heart🌷

Baby crochet shoes

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Crocheted baby boots before adding the flowers

What if you crochet without a pattern?😰😆

I don’t know if that’s because I’m impatient or is it part of my curiosity to work without a pattern😊 what if I added a stitch here, and worked for two other rows?😏 Lol

Well, if it looks good, I will continue working on it,if not, sometimes I try other ways and figure it out myself , and sometimes,I just give up! 😱😖

Here is how it ended up(with No pattern😉)

Crocheted baby girl shoes by Nassima

Hope you like the final result✨

Let me know what do you think about it..