“Light Storm”
“Annoor=Light” Arabic lightpainted calligraphy
The Light Dance/ lightpainting by Nassima
“Fishing Stick Man”/ Lightpainting by Nassima

2 thoughts on “Lightpainting

  1. Hi Ellen, thanks for your question, this is a photography technique called: Light-Painting, as its name says, it is painting with light. I create these pictures using a professional camera that gives you the opportunity to control the “speed” you are shooting with i.e most of these pictures are of a shooting time equal to 20 or 30 seconds, in addition to that you have to be in a dark room or at night, the lights movement in the air ( done by myself), is captured and transformed to a picture ( by the camera)😊 .
    When I first started this technique I used my mobile phone torch 😊,later on, and after many experiences, I introduced colors to my pictures, hope this explanation is clear( I feeI I’m not explaining this clear enough😭)

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