Lightpainting Photography💓

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LightPainting Photo by Nassima Light

Lightpainting photography is for me an other world, It just makes me feel who I am 😊 a happy, life loving person.. I have so much fun when taking LP photos..I set my camera in a dark room, start jumping here and there with different lights in my hand, and trying to finish my “dance” before the camera stops taking photo (as I set the shutter speed usually at 30 seconds😰😆 )

The thing I love about LP is that it is Sraight Out Of Camera, you don’t have to “fake” it and make it look better through photoshop or any other photo editing program. It is just “Me”! My own work, just like an oil painting or a watercolor paiting I do.. It is simply “natural” if I can call it so.

The Night is my Canva..The Light is my Brush❤

Nassima Light/ lightpainting World Alliance

I will be sharing, from time to time, some of my Lightpainting work, whenever I had the chance to do so📷

Have a great day!

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